Eviction notice

The current situation:

Flydende By, or “Floating City”, a Copenhagen non-profit, was told that the rental contract on their Sydhavn warehouse space (used as a makerspace and maintenance location for their floating creations) is void, and although they’ve paid their rent in full, they’re now about to be kicked out of their warehouse with only a 9 day notice. Professional demolition crews are scheduled to arrive on October 12, 2018 to forcibly remove anything – and anyone – still on site. Two weeks ago the landlords invoiced Flydende By for rent for the 4th quarter of 2018.

“I’m holding in my hand the piece of paper that says our rental contract is extended until November 2019.” says Yuna, a volunteer at Flydende By. “This eviction is just unbelievable.”

Flydende By is an important part of local activities in arts and culture, as demonstrated by their vast portfolio. Their activities are at the nexus of sustainable energy and innovation for future green cities, participating in and organizing a variety of events for the Copenhagen municipality. Removing them from their base of operations would have a devastating impact on the future of sustainable solutions in the city, where their current location offers close collaboration with Guldminen, an upcycling project located in the adjacent warehouse. A short documentary on the group’s activities can be seen here:

Joshua, another volunteer at Flydende By says:

“As a lean organisation who offers most of what we offer for free, we need to plan months in advance how we spend the little savings we have. When we got this rental extension, we planned around it. Suddenly, it’s like the floor has collapsed under us, and we’re being told that not only are (the landlords) planning to break their contract, but that the deposit we paid on this property will be used to remove and destroy our tools and materials, unless we do it ourselves in a week – this is an impossible demand and (the landlords) are setting us up for a scenario in which they get to keep even more of our money.”

With only grants and donations to pay the bills, Flydende By volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that the rent is paid. But for the last three years since moving to their new workshop space, they’ve always paid on time.

Flydende By is asking for assistance from the community and municipality to retain their warehouse, a vital part of the local culture and fixture within the sustainability movement, and to support their efforts to keep their base of operations afloat.


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