How you can help and a clarification of our position

Clarification on our position, demands, and how you can help

Flydende By is prepared to move out, but the suddenness of the eviction means that we are unable to either advocate for their rights or comply with Egons’ demands

Flydende By was well aware that the gentrification of Sydhavn meant they would soon be priced out of the area, and plans were underway to find a more sustainable location for a new workshop with much-need access to a dry dock to repair the community’s boats when needed. But after their contract was recently extended, the community had every reason to believe the deadline was more than a year away.

Moving the workshop tools and materials will require weeks of planning, expensive vehicle hire, and enough time to recruit extra volunteers to help with the removal. Flydende By also wants to be able to return the warehouse to Egons in its original condition in order to recoup their deposit. But a one week notice means that this is not possible, and the community simply does not have access to the emergency funds required to make up for the shortfall in planning and volunteer help.

What Flydende By wants from the landlords:

Flydende By is requesting upholding of the current contract with a possibility of giving us shorter deadline as well as compensation for the costs of moving out ahead of schedule (such as transport, temporary storage and work we need to put into demolishing structures and moving the inventory to a different warehouse or dry dock (still in Copenhagen)

After receiving legal advice, Flydende By is now (as of October 11) requesting a meeting with Freja and Egons to find an equitable compromise.

How you (the wider community) can help Flydende By right now:

  • Suggest ideas for a new warehouse or dry dock that Floating City can move to
  • Offer temporary storage place for valuable tools and materials while we find a new place
  • Have a blog or know a way for us to reach out, or know someone who would like to write our story
  • Suggest possible sponsors who may be able to contribute financially to a deposit on a new location and transport costs (our savings are tied up we’re waiting on the legal situation here to resolve)
  • Volunteer your time in the food and drinks crew at one of our upcoming events
  • Volunteer your time to help us deconstruct and move materials when the time comes

We have these events where you can come by and support us:

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