Call for Help – Demolition Party!

Right now, our priority is to get as much of our stuff out of the warehouse as possible by this Wednesday, November 21.

We’ve argued for an extension to make it easier for us to return the warehouse empty, but it looks like we’re not going to get any more time. Nevertheless, we are going to do our best to leave this warehouse in the best possible condition.

How can you help?

We invite you to come down this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. During the day we’ll be giving away all our treasure (for free or by donation to help us cover demolition costs), and during the evenings we’ll have demolition parties to have fun tearing down all the structures we’ve built.

Everyone is welcome, but we’re especially hoping for volunteers who can bring Christiania bikes, trolleys and trailers to help us transport recyclable materials to the recycling centre next door.

If you have a flatbed truck and you’re happy to drive loads from our loading bay to the recycling centre for a few hours, we’ll cover your fuel and buy you a case of beer. If you can offer to drive your truck or trailer please PM our facebook account or call 0793042130 to organise.

To say thanks to our community, and help get us through the demolition, we’ll be putting on a spread of food and drinks. Wanna help us make pizzas and pancakes?

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