Update: eviction postponed to 23 Jan

After the first sudden and unfair eviction notice, our community rallied and – with the help of friends and strangers – managed to make some incredible things happen. We created a video about gentrification in Copenhagen, and held our first United Front CPH meeting.

Our eviction has now been postponed 3 TIMES, so we’ve had time to give away tonnes of salvaged treasure and recycled building materials, and with the help of dozens of hard-working volunteers, we have almost finished demolishing the inside of our Vasbygade warehouse.

Right now, the last step to keep our community afloat is to move the remaining wagons to a safe place while we revision our mission and revive our community. A generous local business has offered us an exciting place to park them, rent-free! You can check out Boxland 2450 here!

The trouble is, hiring cranes is expensive. With all our attention over the last two months on legal stuff and then the demolition, our tireless volunteers haven’t been able to do any of the workshops or projects we normally do to make money. By moving the cranes, we get to keep a land-base and return our current warehouse in the condition we found it in.

This week, we’ll be launching a crowdfunder so that we can tackle this last challenge and take the fight to the future.

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