Eviction cancelled, new warehouse contract signed

Between October 2018 and January 2019, with Floating city facing imminent eviction, the current crew, a diaspora of volunteers and the wider Copenhagen community came together to try to save the project.

Together, we completely overhauled the warehouse at Vasbygade, demolishing structures and diverting tonnes of reclaimed materials to the local community. Together, we crowdfunded 20 000 kronor to support what we thought then was our best, last hope – to move a few of our wagons to Boxland, and to look for a new location to host the workshops and upcycling projects we’re famous for.

In late January, after months of intense pressure on us to get out ASAP and return the Vasbygade property to its original condition, our landlords changed their mind about evicting us. They offered the currently active crew a new contract, which Floating City accepted.

While we can’t be sure what their motivations were to offer us a new contract, we areĀ sure that this would not have been possible without the community’s help to clean up the space and take away most of the treasure we’d been hoarding. So thanks.

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