Spring 2019

This late-winter and spring, Floating City’s Vasbygade warehouse has been home to banner painting workshops and training events for Extinction Rebellion Denmark and other community organisations.

Floating City’s own work is currently focused on restoring our boats and floats moored on the city’s east coast.

Members of the public are welcome to join on Ship Shape Sundays happening throughout spring. Anyone who wants to get involved is welcome to contact the crew via our Facebook page.

Eviction cancelled, new warehouse contract signed

Between October 2018 and January 2019, with Floating city facing imminent eviction, the current crew, a diaspora of volunteers and the wider Copenhagen community came together to try to save the project.

Together, we completely overhauled the warehouse at Vasbygade, demolishing structures and diverting tonnes of reclaimed materials to the local community. Together, we crowdfunded 20 000 kronor to support what we thought then was our best, last hope – to move a few of our wagons to Boxland, and to look for a new location to host the workshops and upcycling projects we’re famous for.

In late January, after months of intense pressure on us to get out ASAP and return the Vasbygade property to its original condition, our landlords changed their mind about evicting us. They offered the currently active crew a new contract, which Floating City accepted.

While we can’t be sure what their motivations were to offer us a new contract, we are sure that this would not have been possible without the community’s help to clean up the space and take away most of the treasure we’d been hoarding. So thanks.

We made it!

We have reached our tipping point goal for our relocation fund! We can not thank you all enough!

Thank you to all the supporters and volunteers who have chipped in, shared the crowdfunder with their friends, and came down to Vasbygade to smash capitalism our old warehouse.

Thank you to all the people who have sent us public and private messages of support, and supported any of the other many communities that are facing a similar fate right now.

Stay tuned for a barrage of exciting events so we can give back to those who have supported us.

Big love from the crew at Flydende By!


Update: eviction postponed to 23 Jan

After the first sudden and unfair eviction notice, our community rallied and – with the help of friends and strangers – managed to make some incredible things happen. We created a video about gentrification in Copenhagen, and held our first United Front CPH meeting.

Our eviction has now been postponed 3 TIMES, so we’ve had time to give away tonnes of salvaged treasure and recycled building materials, and with the help of dozens of hard-working volunteers, we have almost finished demolishing the inside of our Vasbygade warehouse.

Right now, the last step to keep our community afloat is to move the remaining wagons to a safe place while we revision our mission and revive our community. A generous local business has offered us an exciting place to park them, rent-free! You can check out Boxland 2450 here!

The trouble is, hiring cranes is expensive. With all our attention over the last two months on legal stuff and then the demolition, our tireless volunteers haven’t been able to do any of the workshops or projects we normally do to make money. By moving the cranes, we get to keep a land-base and return our current warehouse in the condition we found it in.

This week, we’ll be launching a crowdfunder so that we can tackle this last challenge and take the fight to the future.

Call for Help – Demolition Party!

Right now, our priority is to get as much of our stuff out of the warehouse as possible by this Wednesday, November 21.

We’ve argued for an extension to make it easier for us to return the warehouse empty, but it looks like we’re not going to get any more time. Nevertheless, we are going to do our best to leave this warehouse in the best possible condition.

How can you help?

We invite you to come down this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. During the day we’ll be giving away all our treasure (for free or by donation to help us cover demolition costs), and during the evenings we’ll have demolition parties to have fun tearing down all the structures we’ve built.

Everyone is welcome, but we’re especially hoping for volunteers who can bring Christiania bikes, trolleys and trailers to help us transport recyclable materials to the recycling centre next door.

If you have a flatbed truck and you’re happy to drive loads from our loading bay to the recycling centre for a few hours, we’ll cover your fuel and buy you a case of beer. If you can offer to drive your truck or trailer please PM our facebook account or call 0793042130 to organise.

To say thanks to our community, and help get us through the demolition, we’ll be putting on a spread of food and drinks. Wanna help us make pizzas and pancakes?

Floating City is being evicted!

Floating City is being evicted! Read more and help us out!

Floating City or Flydende By is a non-profit organisation that strives to give to local communities and the greater culture of Copenhagen through the arts, educational workshops and inspiring people to be more giving and innovative within society and their lives.

At our warehouse we have open workshops for metal work, wood work, textiles and bicycle repair. We offer space for the public to gain access to the tools and recycled materials they need to prototype, collaborate, learn and to bring their ideas into reality.

We’re more than just a common, garden variety makerspace, we’re a dynamic community and network of people that believe in improving public good.

Over the last 3 years we have had 162 active volunteers from across Europe and around the globe and our efforts are supported by more than 3400 followers on Facebook. Our work has touched the lives of thousands more.

We believe in people and what we can do together when we have the space, time and resources.

A Copenhagen Non-profit Art Collective & Sustainable Makerspace

A Copenhagen Non-profit Art Collective & Sustainable MakerspaceHere is our story!

Slået op af Flydende By i Tirsdag den 16. oktober 2018

How you can help and a clarification of our position

Clarification on our position, demands, and how you can help

Flydende By is prepared to move out, but the suddenness of the eviction means that we are unable to either advocate for their rights or comply with Egons’ demands

Flydende By was well aware that the gentrification of Sydhavn meant they would soon be priced out of the area, and plans were underway to find a more sustainable location for a new workshop with much-need access to a dry dock to repair the community’s boats when needed. But after their contract was recently extended, the community had every reason to believe the deadline was more than a year away.

Moving the workshop tools and materials will require weeks of planning, expensive vehicle hire, and enough time to recruit extra volunteers to help with the removal. Flydende By also wants to be able to return the warehouse to Egons in its original condition in order to recoup their deposit. But a one week notice means that this is not possible, and the community simply does not have access to the emergency funds required to make up for the shortfall in planning and volunteer help.

What Flydende By wants from the landlords:

Flydende By is requesting upholding of the current contract with a possibility of giving us shorter deadline as well as compensation for the costs of moving out ahead of schedule (such as transport, temporary storage and work we need to put into demolishing structures and moving the inventory to a different warehouse or dry dock (still in Copenhagen)

After receiving legal advice, Flydende By is now (as of October 11) requesting a meeting with Freja and Egons to find an equitable compromise.

How you (the wider community) can help Flydende By right now:

  • Suggest ideas for a new warehouse or dry dock that Floating City can move to
  • Offer temporary storage place for valuable tools and materials while we find a new place
  • Have a blog or know a way for us to reach out, or know someone who would like to write our story
  • Suggest possible sponsors who may be able to contribute financially to a deposit on a new location and transport costs (our savings are tied up we’re waiting on the legal situation here to resolve)
  • Volunteer your time in the food and drinks crew at one of our upcoming events
  • Volunteer your time to help us deconstruct and move materials when the time comes

We have these events where you can come by and support us:

Eviction – A Call to Action

A call for help. A call for action! (Danish below)

We are Flydende By,
an art and music free space and upcycling collective in Copenhagen,
involved in sustainable building, recycling, events and workshops.

Egons, a bus company, gave Flydende By, a volunteer based non-profit organisation, a subletting rental contract for a warehouse space in Sydhavnen to the end of November 2019.

Flydende By has been paying rent for this warehouse for the past three years.

Flydende By has recently had a correspondence from Egons regarding some new demands.

Flydende By took a photographic record and presented the warehouse and grounds to both Egons and Freja Ejendomme A/S, tidy and organised, for a full inspection on Friday, October 5th, 2018.

Now Egons, with the full participation of their landlord, property developer, Freja Ejendomme A/S, are suddenly evicting Flydende By on Friday, October 19th, 2018.

It is hard to say when exactly because Flydende By has received different emails with different deadlines with threats to start removing inventory before eviction day.

Egons will charge Flydende By to pay for sending in demolition professionals to remove everything that Flydende By does not manage to move out in this time frame.

A light in Copenhagen´s cultural and environmental scene is about to be extinguished.

Can you help?


Et kald for hjælp. Et kald til aktion!

Vi er Flydende By,
et kollektiv skabt som et frirum for kunst, musik og upcycling i København,
involveret i bæredygtige byggeprojekter, genbrug og workshops.

Egons, et bus selvskab, gav Flydende by, en frivilligt baseret non-profit organisation, en lejekontrakt på en lager ejendom i Sydhavnen til enden af November 2019.

Flydende By har betalt leje for dette lager lokale de sidste 3 år.

Flydende By har for nyligt haft en korrespondance med Egons omhandlende nye krav fra udlejer.

Flydende By har holdt Egons ajour med status i varehuset ved hjælp af billedlig dokumentation og præsenterede både varehus og tilligende grunstykke overfor både Egons og Freja Ejendomme A/S, rydeligt og organiseret, for en fuld inspektion Fredag d. 5 Okt. 2018.

Nu har Egons, med fuld opbakning og deltagelse fra udlejer (Freja Ejendomme A/S) givet Flydende By en opsigelse med udflytning Fredag d. 19 Okt. 2018.

Det er dog svært at sige præcist da Flydende By modtaget forskellige mails med forskellige deadlines med trusler om at påbegynde flytning af inventar før udflytnings datoen!

Egons vil sende Flydende by en regning for at sende nedrivnings folk ind og fjerne alt hvad Flydende By ikke kan præstere at få fjernet inden deadline!

Et lys på Københavns kulturelle og miljø beviste scene er ved at slukkes!

Kan du hjælpe?


Eviction party info –>

Eviction notice

The current situation:

Flydende By, or “Floating City”, a Copenhagen non-profit, was told that the rental contract on their Sydhavn warehouse space (used as a makerspace and maintenance location for their floating creations) is void, and although they’ve paid their rent in full, they’re now about to be kicked out of their warehouse with only a 9 day notice. Professional demolition crews are scheduled to arrive on October 12, 2018 to forcibly remove anything – and anyone – still on site. Two weeks ago the landlords invoiced Flydende By for rent for the 4th quarter of 2018.

“I’m holding in my hand the piece of paper that says our rental contract is extended until November 2019.” says Yuna, a volunteer at Flydende By. “This eviction is just unbelievable.”

Flydende By is an important part of local activities in arts and culture, as demonstrated by their vast portfolio. Their activities are at the nexus of sustainable energy and innovation for future green cities, participating in and organizing a variety of events for the Copenhagen municipality. Removing them from their base of operations would have a devastating impact on the future of sustainable solutions in the city, where their current location offers close collaboration with Guldminen, an upcycling project located in the adjacent warehouse. A short documentary on the group’s activities can be seen here:

Joshua, another volunteer at Flydende By says:

“As a lean organisation who offers most of what we offer for free, we need to plan months in advance how we spend the little savings we have. When we got this rental extension, we planned around it. Suddenly, it’s like the floor has collapsed under us, and we’re being told that not only are (the landlords) planning to break their contract, but that the deposit we paid on this property will be used to remove and destroy our tools and materials, unless we do it ourselves in a week – this is an impossible demand and (the landlords) are setting us up for a scenario in which they get to keep even more of our money.”

With only grants and donations to pay the bills, Flydende By volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that the rent is paid. But for the last three years since moving to their new workshop space, they’ve always paid on time.

Flydende By is asking for assistance from the community and municipality to retain their warehouse, a vital part of the local culture and fixture within the sustainability movement, and to support their efforts to keep their base of operations afloat.